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Jeff StrahnJeff Strahn has been with Maui Dive Shop since 1986 and has been the General Manager since 1990.  He has worked in almost all areas of the company and currently oversees all daily operations for the company and its two subsequent charter boat operations.  He was originally from Bozeman, Montana where he graduated from High School and Montana State University. 

Jeff holds as BS in Business Management, with minors in both Finance and Marketing and has a strong understanding of financial management.   Jeff had 10 years of management experience in the restaurant business while in Montana, and was a Real Estate Broker for Coldwell Banker prior to moving to Hawaii and has over 40 years of management experience.  Jeff is certified as a Scuba Instructor Trainer continues to dive on a regular basis and has made over 3000 dives. 


Gabby PanebiancoGabby is originally from California, but has traveled all over the world to dive. She earned her PADI divemaster certification in Portugal before heading to Hawaii.

Gabby loves the blue box fish and you can often find her driving the west side van for the Maka Koa or the Alli Nui.


Ben WilkensDon’t be deceived that the only great thing to come out of Golden, Colorado is Coors – our captain Ben grew up there, and ended up in Maui after living and diving in both Florida and California.  

He started diving in 1996 and has pretty much every diving certification under the sun, including being a PADI instructor. 


John FoersterJohn started diving when he was 14 in the cold water of California and always thought he would end up in Maui after vacationing here with his family.

After a successful career as an Executive Chef, he upgraded to island life where he earned his Divemaster through Maui Dive Shop. When he isn’t out riding his Harley, you can find him on the Maka Koa or working at either the MDS Outlet or the Ma’laea Harbor Shops.


Ron KarashRon started diving after his son talked him into trying it 10 years ago and now he is taking full credit for having him here on Maui and we can’t complain about that! Ron started diving in the murky waters of Oklahoma and traded it in for the clear blue Hawaiian waters, which he sees as a true gift.  

Ron is a PADI and SSI instructor and also has a wide variety of specialties.


Mark VolzMarc is from Brownstown, Indiana but he has also lived in Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and his now home in Maui. He moved here on a whim in 2002 and after being on island a few weeks he started working at Maui Dive Shop – and now he is one of the best captains on the island, taking folks out on the Maka Koa.  

Marc is also a duel rated instructor for both PADI and SSI.


Wayne AllenOriginally from SW Missouri, Wayne traded in the cold Midwest weather for the warmth of Maui in 2008. He has been diving since 1996 and has been an instructor since 2004.  Wayne is also a certified boat captain, so in addition to diving off the Maka Koa, you will also find him driving the boat!

A PADI and SSI instructor, Wayne loves to dive in Maui.


Matt HendersonMatt started diving in June of 2008 because he always had a fascination with the underwater world and his dream of seeing a shark face to face.

Working as a divemaster on the Maka Koa, in addition to finding sharks, he loves a good tako (octopus) and the elusive frogfish!


Mark SquiresMark grew up in New England but he has called Maui his home since 1999 and he has been with Maui Dive Shop since 2004. He is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and SSI and SDI Instructor and has over 4000 dives under his belt.

When he is not teaching on the beach for Maui Dive Shop, Mark can be found traveling around the world.


Larry SargentJordan studied Marine Biology at the University of Southern California and SCUBA Diving was offered as a class. Not only did this class include my Open Water Certification but also a research trip to both Guam and Palau.

Her specialties include: PADI MSDT with Deep, Navigation, Wreck, 02 Provider, & Nitrox. When not working she loves anything that has to do with the ocean.


Dave EarlyDave came to Maui in 2011 from the diving mecca of Park City, Utah, where despite the cold water and weather he learned to dive in 1989. Since then, he has been diving on six continents – and swimming on the 7th, only because he had no dive gear with him.

When he isn’t teaching Dave likes to watch sports and (sorry ladies) hangs out with his wife.