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Our first destination is the world famous Molokini Crater, a marine reserve below water and bird sanctuary above. The visibility on this reef system averages 100+ feet and provides a panoramic view of the marine ecosystem. Molokini is one of the few places in the world where you can see Hawaiian garden eels, masked angelfish, Long-nose hawk fish and many more fish endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

Frequently Manta rays, White tip reef sharks, Amberjacks and Moray eels are also sighted. Harlequin shrimp take residence around coral heads and Triton's trumpets and nudibranchs are found nestled in crevices.

Between the end of December and the end of April this trip affords a great opportunity to see humpback whales in the waters surrounding Maui which is a National Marine Sanctuary for these endangered whales.

The Second Dive is going to be a south side drift dive. It could be any of the following dive sites. Red hill which is a live drop from little beach area to big beach. It could be the Tank and landing craft drift and exploring the WW11 remains. Or the artificial reef made up of the concrete Z blocks lots of crevices and cracks for lots of things to hide. We could also drift around the corner on Reef’s end at Molokini.

2 Tank Molokin Drift Dive


DIVE DEPTH:  65 foot Average Depth
TIME:  6:15am Check in / 7:00am Departure / 12:00pm Return  (approx. 5  hour duration)
DEPARTURE LOCATION:  Maui Dive Shop Maalaea
DAYS:  Wednesday & Sunday